Welcome to Way to be vegetable~ ( \ Chinglish /


  • Nijuuyon sai, kakusei desu (w).

  • I’m not a good code writer.
    • JetBrains products works well with me… for now.
    • Trying to study Rust, but seems it’s too hard for me as I’m not experienced and I don’t have any instructors that can help me. Planning to buy some books for it.
      • In Rust 2018, we have NLL which made my life a lot more easier.
      • Built two square wheels.
  • My devices:
    • ThinkPad P50 (20ENCTO1WW) died at 2019-12-14.
    • MacBook Pro 2019 13 inch (A1989).
    • Lilac running stock Android.
    • Bullhead currently running some Halium based OS.
    • Hammerhead running Android.
    • Saana running Windows 10 Mobile (Of course, what else can it run?).
    • NX
      • Tetris 99!
  • My sites:
  • Interests:
    • Anime (Yes I’m an Otaku).
    • Game.
    • Music (Mostly J-Pop, especially Aimer).
  • Someting else:
    • Kinda open source enthusiast. Supporter of FSF (though I’m not completely agree with all of their ideas), EFF, LF.
    • Kinda AOSC (Always Overuse Shell Community) member.
      • Never done any packaging stuff. XD
      • Just wrote a ugly pakreqBot for executing JellyBai and drew several stickers for AOSCC.
      • I rewrote that bot, right now it’s pakreqBot-ng written in Python with aiohttp, aiosqlite, aiogram, and so on. trinity of async I/O telegram bot.
    • Kinda cat lover (But in fact, I never touched any cat, they just ran away when I’m trying to be close to them)(Which is pretty sad).
    • Tons of unfinished projects.
    • RAmen.
  • Digital identity:

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