Welcome to Way to be vegetable~ ( \ Chinglish /


  • I am a high school student, yet.

  • I’m not a good code writer.
  • My devices:
    • ThinkPad P50 (20ENCTO1WW) running Gentoo GNU/Linux & Windows 10.
    • ThinkPad X220 (42918G1) running AOSC OS.
    • ThinkPad 360C running Windows 95 (Flying toasters!).
    • Apple iBook G4 14” @ 1.42GHz running AOSC OS (It’s impossible reaaaaaaly hard to replace it’s hard drive w/o breaking anything).
    • (Planning to replace P50 with an ITX Ryzen machine)(インポッシブル)
    • Lilac
    • Bullhead
    • Hammerhead
    • Saana
    • NX
  • My sites:
  • Interests:
    • Anime (Yes I’m an Otaku).
    • Game.
    • Music (Mostly J-Pop).
  • Someting else:
    • Kinda open source enthusiast. Supporter of FSF, EFF, LF.
    • Kinda AOSC (Always Overuse Shell Community) member.
      • Never done any packaging stuff.
      • Just wrote a ugly pakreqBot for executing JellyBai and drew several stickers for AOSCC.
      • Planning on rewriting the bot (Maybe using another language)(What about bash?).
    • Kinda cat lover (But in fact, I never touched any cat, they just ran away when I’m trying to be close to them)(Which is pretty sad).
    • Tons of unfinished projects.
    • RAmen.
  • Digital identity:

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