Unofficial LineageOS build (SFMod)

Several days ago, Cyngn shut down all services for CyanogenMod, and those developers created a fork of CyanogenMod called LineageOS. And at now, though we can visit their download site but they didn’t start build official builds yet (2017.01.09). So I built a build from their source code on GitHub for my Nexus 5X(bullhead) – Of course, with some changes.

1. Change default kernel to flar2's ElementalX-4.04.
2. Add Brevent(3.1.2).
3. Change color theme to blue, just like Pixel (From Pure Nexus Project)
4. Add Masquerade and Substratum.
5. System embedded Magisk Manager

And… I call it SFMod, you can find source code here

(The reason why I stop using Pure Nexus is that the maintainer of Pure Nexus allways reset repo’s HEAD and git push -f so when I merge from those repo, it always make many conflicts; And always fail to build it from source.)

Here is the download link: Google Drive