Pure Nexus - SFMod

These days I was working on compiling and modifying Android system.

At first I want to use CyanogenMod as base of my Mod.

Ah… As you know, Cyngn shut down CM Project and all of its services. Those developers went to a new project called Lineage OS.

Then I heard about SlimROMs form PeterCxy. After I compile their source code, I found that SlimROM may not support Google’s Project Fi (Baseband works fine but it cannot identify my Project Fi SIM card).

Finally I try to build Pure Nexus (Because my phone is Nexus 5X and other Nexus users had recommend me about the Pure Nexus Project). I also tried their official build and I found it supports Project Fi. But at the first time I was trying to get the source code of it, I don’t know what’s wrong with GitLab, I cannot acces Pure Nexus Project’s repo on it. I sent issues to both GitLab and Pure Nexus Project on GitHub. Though nobody answered me but one day later I can successfully access the repo.

After I got their source code, I started modify it. I added support for liudongmiao’s Brevent and Change the default kernel (PureKernel) to flar2(Aaron Segaert)’s ElementalX (Because I bought EXKM and I don’t want to waste my mondy :D )

Finally it works. But I found there is still a small problem: Some application will crash due to AndroidRuntime: java.lang.SecurityException: Permission Denial: XXXXXXXXXX; this requires android.permission.INTERACT_ACROSS_USERS_FULL

Source code manifest: https://github.com/RedL0tus/manifest

Here is the download link of my build: Google Drive

Here are the screenshots: PixelLauncher (It use Pixel Launcher as default launcher) LockScreen (The carrier info can be modify via Pure Settings) Brevent (Brevent’s working) About (PureNexus-SFMod :D )