My new AP (hAP AC Lite)

Finally my new AP arrived :) (From Latvia)

The reason I buy a new AP is the router here at my host family is totally a garbge.(Doesn’t support 802.11AC; latency while pinging an address in local network can reach 1000ms; Some times even cannot assign IP address to connected devices…)

So I ask for some advice about which AP worth to buy in AOSC’s group, then BroncoTc suggest MikroTik’s hAP (In fact I didn’t heard anything about MikroTik before).

After searching on eBay, I found that hAP AC is too expensive so I decide to buy hAP AC Lite (RB952Ui-5ac2nD-TC). After about half an month, I receive the package.

Box Just a small box with signs printed on it.

Open There are only a few things in the box: hAP itself, power adapter and a plastic mount. (Ignore the ThinkPad logo behind, please)

Router It’s pretty tiny that only a little bit bigger than my hand. (cute) (Ignore my ThinkPad again, please)

I place it at living room and near the original router :) Desk

And… It workds fine, much much better than the original one from xfinity.

For detailed performance information, please read other’s post :)