MultiROM on Nexus 5X

As a no-zuo-no-die-solaris, I want to install multi systems (a.k.a ROMs) on my Nexus 5X (bullhead).

But I just searched for a long time, I found there are two ways to multi boot on Android devices: MultiROM & EFIDroid.

But both of MultiROM and EFIDroid don’t have official support to Nexus 5X.

After several times of searching, I found that there is a people who already done porting of MultiROM to Nexus 5X.

You can get source code here: @jollaman999/multirom at GitHub
And modified version of TWRP’s source code: @jollaman/Team-Win-Recovery-Project at GitHub

I’ve tested on my device and it can work correctly.

In order to use it, the easiest way is download the modified version of MultiROM Manager. You can find it at here.

Once you open the MultiROM Manager and give it root access, you can use it as the normal MultiROM manager.

Have fun!