Introduce the SFaaS

Introduce the SFaaS - SaltedFish as a Service

SFaaS is a revolution of cloud computing services.

Our team found that SaltedFish can work as a kind of processor. It has following unique features:

  • Higher performance than all of the existing computers.
  • Lower cost on power.
  • Lower cost on deploying applicaion.

Our team had setup data centers all around the world and build SaltedFish Network that can connect every SaltedFish together and access the Internet. So you can deploy yours in seconds with a low fee.

But please note that not every kind of SaltedFish can be a node in the network. To maintain the SaltedFish Network, you must have SaltedFish Certified Engineer Certification. Also please don’t touch or eat SaltedFish at the data center, they are the SaltedFish that will burn your house down!

Here is a example instance:

You can find answers of all the exsiting problems in the world here.

Just have a try!